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The Giantess

So you want to be a giantess ...

July 6, 1998


This place has received quite a bit of attention for an unadvertised/noncommercial site, averaging something over 400,000 hits a month (or something like 50,000 visitors a month) before moving to tripod. There has been some extremely positive feedback from the fashion world and some projects have been proposed by more than one magazine.

If you are a female model and are looking for some unusual visibility that may make you stand out, I would be happy to work with you to hone my skills and add to your portfolio. Get in touch with me by email and we can discuss particulars.

Thin models tend to work best and angular features are a plus, but there is clearly room for a good deal of experimentation. I am not interested in R or X rated projects.

Obviously I can't do this for more than a few women as high quality collages tend to require more than eight hours of detailed work each, but if your photos look promising I will agree to try some collages.

If you have arrived here before viewing my work, follow the arrow.

Please note - the quality of artwork viewed on the web is a function of the platform you view it with. For best results I recommend viewing the images with a stand-alone viewing tool rather than a browser. You also should be using a machine capable of displaying "thousands" of colors (16 bits per pixel or better).

Check out Ashley Redding's site for an example of some nice posed work with Jamie. A few other projects have been done and some will probably be posted here.

If you are really interested, send email.



Stephanie Evans