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A giant woman 'zine

September 22, 1997


Some time ago a copy of a gaint woman 'zine that happens to follow and offer commentary on my webpage came my way.

The editor is allowing the publication of an early 1997 edition under the condition that the names are removed. None of the other issues are currently available here.

A few notes. This 'zine is by women for women and is by invitation only. I can't give you the details, so don't bother writing. I haven't seen any copies in the past few months and don't even know if it is still being written.

I have attempted to preserve the threading implied by the original notes and cut some fragmentary conversastions from before the zine when out (it is a snapshot of an on-line discussion that happened on a closed newsgroup.)

Normally I'm not interested in stories and pictures from others, but this group has produced some amazing material. They may or may not choose to publish it (some has been published in the form of a short story in a nationally distributed teenage girl's magazine, but I can't say more than that).


giantess zinenotes from early '97

(early fragments of conversations removed)

€What looks good on a giantess and why?

€braids, a pony tail, or corn rows would look terrific on a giantess

€women of color and strong women. there are too many thin blonde models out there

€so what about hair style and color? I think wild colors would be amazing.

€blues and greens on a blonde, purple and bright red on darker skins

€ Has anyone seen the publicity shots of Milla Javonick who will be in "The Fifth Element?" Wow! Bright red (or possibly red orange) hair and an amazing outfit. She would make an amazing giantess!

€massive jewelry of any kind

€ the jewelry doesn't need to be that massive! even things like waist chains would give a sense of power and mass. imagine a chain with tiny quarter inch links. on a brobdinagian giantess these become quarter foot links and would be difficult to hold a good length of chain. at the bg scale they are six inch links and would look link the chain that holds an anchor on a ship.

€In general anything that normally looks delicate scaled up tends to grab the viewer and give a bit of a shock. In the '93 Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman we have Daryl Hannah twirling a tire on her finger when she is only 35 feet. The image was more effective later on in the movie when she was twice that height and holding the Porsche. You are reminded visually that she wouldn't be able to do the same stunt with her larger fingers.

€I really like the idea of lots of hardware on the clothing of a giantess (how about it Stephanie?). Belt buckles are good, largish belt buckles are even better. Clothing from the late 60s would probably be outstanding. I probably shouldn't even start about the image of hip huggers now.

€With a giantess you have to worry about the differences between the clothing she is wearing and what the rest of the world has. An alien giantess from a spaceship can be wearing anything, but a solitary giantess would have a great deal of difficulty coming up with some of the huge buckles and accessories we've been talking about.ß

€A giantess is more of a magical being so she can wear what she wants.  If you want to have her wearing something specific you can write it into the story line. I guess some guys would like to see a situation where it is very difficult to clothe her:-)

€I like the idea of almost anything that shows off her curves. People have made the comment that she and her clothing are like architecture if she is big enough. I tend to agree. Anything that laces up across space (a laced top) gives a sense of structure as do clothes that hug the body where it curves.

€Ah yes; hiphuggers. They are coming back into style noßw just like everything else if you just wait long enough. Anything that rides above the hip will show an open area where the waist tapers unless the jeans are tapered themselves. I happen to think the open area is very cool and the shadows that are cast accent the curve of the body there. Of course anything like this would be dynamite on a giantess.

€Being skinny I don't have much taper, but it is a very nice place to stick things like brushes, pens or anything that will fit.Now if I was one hundred and thirty feet tall I would be sticking other things in the space.

€I'll vote for really loud raunchy clothes. There's nothing like a seven story women who wears five foot platforms just because they're there. I'm afraid I sort of like very tight little things myself and can see our giant women showing off more than a bit of leg. Of course shaving is a pain in the ass.

€I guess if you're a giantess you can get several little guys to do your legs for you.

€this brings up the question of bras. i can't imagine a giant women putting up with them.

€but she'd get arrested if she got horny>

€isn't that the idea?

€shudder - horny giantesses. lesbian or straight?


€I think if you were going to do something like ads you let the size of the giantess speak for itself. Strange or non-existant clothes aren't really necessary.

€That depends on what you want to do.  You might make the argument that Claudia Schiffer looks good in anything. On the other hand you can make her look stunning and with some interesting clothing. Fashion can be used to make interesting statements and a giant women would be an amazing mannequin for fashion.

€i like the kind of wild clothing that i was attracted to as a teenager. my mother wouldn't let me wear it because it was "too hot." i ended up cutting clothes i already had to the point where they screamed "hey look at me" and would wear them when i knew she couldn't find out. that is what I'd wear if i was really tall..

€I think that clothing that emphasis the female curves work well. Anything from spandex workout clothes to tops and bottoms with strings that go through the air rather than across the body because there is a curve.

€The same goes for the pose. If a giant woman has a great ass she should show it. The line from the hips to the waist could be dramatic for a little person on the ground. This might sound sexist, but if she is looking at something on the ground closeup her ass should be up in the air rather than having her laying down. It lets everyone know that this huge beautiful thing is really a woman.

€Has anyone else had Barbie fantasies? As far as I know I had Barbies since I was two or three. I played with them like everyone else until I was in second grade or there abouts, but still had them in my room through high school. About the time I hit puberty I really grew quickly - something like ten inches in a single year. My family is short and I was embarrased at being taller than my brothers and Dad when I topped out at 5'8".

During my growth phase I used to fantasize about continuing my growth to about thirty five feet or so - in other words the rest of the world would be Barbie sized to me. This was probably me dealing with a world that was relegating me to a lower position - all of the standard problems that girls have in school at that time.

None of this ever got very sexual, but I do remember thinking that it would be cool to wear my mom's tight leather dress to a football game as a giant girl. Strange - no?

I've talked with my best friend about this and she had similar fantasies for awhile. I bet this would be a great way to do ads for teenage girls and women.?

I was never embarrased in my fantasies -- it was always very cool to be so tall and powerful. Every now and again I have a dream where I'm as tall as an office building and they are always enjoyable.

€wow a woman after my own heart! i did the same thing. i out grew barbies, but there was an age where I wanted the world to be barbie sized or even smaller. i think it was healthy as it got me thinking about the sex-roling of work and made me made enough to go into mechanical engineering.

i used to wonder if there were guys who would be interested in a woman six times taller than they were. i used to wonder about this lots.

€I went through the same period, but I thought about even smaller people. I remember reading Gulliver's Travels in tenth grade and wondering what it would have been like to have been Gulliver in Lilliput. I went through the house and did the foot to an inch mental calculations and tried to imagine what the world would look like at that scale.

It was difficult to imagine cars and homes, but my older brother had several dozen 1:25th scale plastic cars. I remember picking up a few of these and wondering what I would look like to three inch tall people inside. It was a powerful feeling. I also remeber thinking what Barbie would have looked like to little people in the HO railroad downstairs.

€My Dad had just been laid off and I used to think about going down to the picket line as a 130 foot sixteen year old. I remember thinking that I would have the power to get everyone their jobs back.

€In college I actually wrote a short story on the theme as well as an alternative script for the 1993 version of the Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman. for a writing class. They were teaching us about backplots and I wrote fifty pages on one for the movie.

€Count me in. I went through the same phase, but I still think about it every now and again - like when I see a Coors Light ad, a movie like the Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman or read this list.

€Dolls give girls a safe world where they can be in control and manipulate things. They let us stretch our imaginations and create situations where people interact. I don't know how many of us begin to wonder about strange worlds where the dolls are real living people and they recognize that we are much larger and more powerful. This type of fantasy was one that I enjoyed acting out.

Whenever I feel powerless about something I think about what it would be like to be a giant woman where everyone would recognize my power just by looking at me. I never destroy things, but would certainly have the power to do so if I wanted.

I agree that this could be a powerful advertising image.  The ads I've seen don't seem to tap this fantasy that many of us have had. You do have to wonder how the rest of the world would react to such a powerful woman.

Now a more interesting area of speculation may be why are there giants in the myths of many cultures, but giant women are far and few between?

€Golly, I've actually worried about that one and have done a bit of research.  It turns out that nearly every culture has at least a few myths with giants, but giant women are very rare (it makes you wonder where the giants come from doesn't it?)

The myths with giantesses (Northern European, Greek and a few from India) tend to do little more than mention the giantess in passing and/or make her an evil and often ugly creature. A few Scandanavian and Celtic myths have beautiful giant women (yay! - that's what I'd like to be!), but again we're talking about one liners.

Women, other than evil creatures and a few random goddesses, are rarely powerful in myth anyway and a giant woman is a very powerful creature to begin with.  It isn't surprising that they are rare.  On the other hand things are changing these days and one wonders about the place of giant women in contemporary myth. I think the images and words can be very powerful and work from people like Stephanie, Ann and Sandy is really modern myth.

€I went through the Barbie stage like many of you and actually have a small business based on something related. I really thought it would be cool to be a giantess, but didn't do anything other than write a few really bad stories as a teenager.

€I always had good hand/eye coordination and was artsy enough to major in art in college. Of course art majors rarely get jobs doing art and I ended up doing "data entry" work with a BFA. Out of frustration I started painting with the intention of selling the work. I went to a crafts fair and discovered miniatures.

Believe it or not there is a small industry devoted to making very accurate scale houses.  I won't call them "doll houses" as they are much more elaborite than the Malibu Barbie Beach House you may have had as a kid.

Some of the collectors spend real money on their hobby. I've seen detailed rooms go for well over $10,000. On the other hand there are many people who make what they can themselves and buy or trade for the items they can't make.

Almost all of the work is in "one inch" scale - the scale of Gulliver's Travels.

My particular business is making 1/12 scale paintings and picture frames. I'm only been doing this for three years (I've been out of college for four years) and am doing well enough that I'll probably quit my data entry job and do this full time.

I don't tend to think of myself as a giant woman when I'm doing the work as a 2 by 3 inch painting that will sell for a few hundred dollars demands real concentration. On the other hand I do feel very tall and powerful when I'm working on my own miniature house. Most people make houses from when they were a kid or from some historical period, but I'm building what I would like to live in if I could afford a real house.

A friend has a business building finished homes for collectors who have more money than time. Some of my paintings are commissioned for some of these houses and I've been called in as an interior decorator to figure out deails like customized wallpapers. It is an interesting feeling to be in the display room when no one else is around. The room is large enough that you don't notice it and he places the houses in small lots with little cobblestone roads so it looks like a little village. At night with the streetlights the feeling is almost spooky and you really feel like a giant woman towering over even the largest three story houses that only come up to your hips.

My SO thinks this is a bit strange, but likes the idea of giant women.  She didn't go through thinking about it as a kid, but she wasn't someone who dealt with dolls very much anyway. Her contribution to all of this was to buy me a fantastic 1/12 scale motorcycle for our anniversary. It is very cool.

€wow; that place sounds amazing! do you have tours?

€And now a different subject. What does a giant woman do for a living other than stand around and look huge? Has anyone thought about this? My own fantasy was to have her move very heavy things that would be difficult for men or machines (I was a preteen when I thought about this)

€I didn't work out the full life of a giant woman in my teenage fantasies. I just imagined how my own life would change if I was six times as tall. All of the standard teenybopper things like being a cheerleader, fashion model, rockstar and generally secure and cool person that I didn't think I was.

I didn't think of being enormously tall as being attractive to guys.  I guess I thought that being tall was a negative as far as femine beauty goes. To me it was something very loud like a tongue piercing or bright blue hair might be today. I do remember being turned down for a dance by this super yummie boy I had been thinking about for a year and daydreaming about being a giant woman in a supershort minishirt and tight tube top. In my fantasy I caught him on his motorcycle and put him on top of the school. I then did what I thought was an explicit dance for him.

Hey. It worked for me. Later I discovered that boys weren't for me, but I still think being super tall would be cool.

€Giantess jobs. I used to think I would make a really cool dancer as a giantess.

€I wanted to do construction work and being a giantess would be a natural.

€Life guard on an ocean beach. I was a pool life guard as a teenager, but wasn't allowed to work on the beach because "girls are strong enough". Of course there would be my pet Orca Winnie and we'd play catch with unused rowboats.

€Maybe this is too showy, but either a 70' fashion model or a 70' female lead singer in a rock band.  It would be so awesome to wear the sound system.

€gee; i guess my thirteen story biker bitch who carries her own motorcycle gang on her beltpack is a bit over the top.



€I wanted to be a construction worker and dancer in a Barbie sized world. Not at the same time.

€Remember Anne's story with the four female Gullivers? Beach Volleyball!

€Policewoman or billboard painter.

€Actress. I'm sure someone would write parts for her. Maybe she would even do that herself. Come to think of it she would make an amazing grip.

€It would be fun to be a spokemodel. Maybe one of the authors out there can write a few interesting commercials. They wouldn't think you were an airhead if you could hold a Taurus in your hand.

€Animal trainer --- a really big animal trainer.

€house elephants?

€Have you seen those guys who work the ropes on a blimp?

€Alien seems like the natural job and they get those cool flying saucers. It would be sort of fun to pocket Agent Mulder anyway.

€How about superhero? They get all of the neat jobs and clothes anyway. A giant woman could be a superhero with her size being her special strength - none of this flying, invisibility or xray vision. Come to think of it she gets all of those other cool superheros and villans to play with.

€A really tall giantess could be a traffic reporter without a helicopter. Of course she'd have to be really careful where she stepped.


€aside from clothes, what things would you want on your scale if you were a giantess? i would want books, paper and a pen along with the usual personal care products.

€I guess the locals could build things like big books. I'd need a powerbook with a twelve foot screen.

€This brings up privacy, which I've never thought about. I might want a bathroom to my size along with a bedroom.

€How about a magnifying glass:-)

€I'll hazard a guess that guys like to see giant women in bikinis or nothing at all more than we do, but a powerful image probably works for them as well as it does for us - even if they end up seeing it differently.

€Speak for yourself. I'll take a gal over a guy any day.

€So who would ads appeal to? I think this is an important question because the image is culturally powerful. I know that ads targeted towards women would work because I've mentioned some ideas to my female associates and friends. With women you emphasize the silent power of a giant woman. With men you use it to get their attention.

€You're probably right about guys and gals seeing images or reading stories differently. This doesn't mean that well written stories or amazing artwork can't work for both. I know there are a lot of guys who like giantess images. Stephanie sent mail where she thinks her feedback is about 90% male. There may be many reasons for this, but I'm not going to complain. Her art works for us and it apparently works for guys. She should do a book.

€a giant woman can get away with wearing stuff that i could never bring myself to wear (and i have worn some strange stuff) and still be awesome for me. she is throwing the norms of society to the wind and does what she chooses. i'm not going to get sexually excited by seeing a woman in almost nothing, but i might think it is very cool that she is wearing it near a convention of southern baptists. a guy might see it the other way around. he may not worry that the standards of his world are being threatened because he likes to look at women who are wearing denim shorts with three foot holes in them.

€Stephanie has been working with photos of reed thin high fashion models. What sort of model do you think would be ideal for this sort of work?

€I guess that depends on what the images are for and if we are talking about images or modern myths that are written.

For commerical ad work the thin/tall model is the accepted standard and it might make sense to stick with that. There are always complaints that only one percent of women are over 5'10" and are thin, but it does get attention. Since approximately 0% of women are over 50' I will claim that it doesn't matter.

€i would love to see women with a bit of muscle. i spend quite a bit of time in the gym and am very proud of my muscles even though they aren't very large. it would be sooo awesome to have someone like cory everson as a giantess.

€Who is Cory Everson?

€she was a famous body builder about ten years ago. absolutely dropdead gorgous and amazing muscles. there are gals who have much larger muscles these days, but they probably use steroids. cory looks very natural.

€I agree - a strong woman is the exactly the right image!

€biceps that a basketball player can't stretch his arms around!

€A wrist a baskball player can't stretch his arms around.

€I've been thinking more about the issue of clothing. Depending on the orgin of the giant woman we have either alien clothing or something made with existing products.

Alien clothing could either be strange (which might be a lot of fun) or made to look like earth clothes (to make the natives feel more familiar?). Clothing made on earth would probably use very thin fabric with patterns scaled to humans rather than the giant women. course you can imagine a clothing company making special pieces for advertising purposes.

So let's think about the earth-made clothing option for awhile.

If the giant woman is at the scale where the rest of the world is Barbie sized we can probably imagine using normal, but very thin fabrics. Moving up in size to having a Gulliver sized (12 times) female we probably need to have extremely thin clothing on her to make it look realistic.

If Stephanie was trying for the effect I'd like to see her find some very thin filmy, but opaque, material to make some clothing for the models.  It would have to hang appropriately. Loosely drapped very thin colored pvc (you can get stuff with thicknesses measured in the thousanths of an inch.) might make an interesting top.

What do the rest of you think?

€I like the idea of really thin clothing, although it would be hard to find or make. The seams would probably be too small to see or maybe the links could be huge. What about thin chains or strings to hold things together?

€good points - I hadn't thought about that before. remember how coarse doll clothes looked on barbie dolls? my mother went to great lengths to find very thin fabric, tiny clasps and other things to make the illusion work better. perhaps you need to make some real clothing with that sort of stuff to make the point.

€I was just thinking about the cartoon giants when I was a kid.  The shirts were usually fastened by logs.

€PVC a few mils thick! I don't think it wouldn't last very long, but it would feel amazing! OK - I'm getting off topic.

€I really like the idea of metallic clothing on an alien. Anything from chainmail to the new stuff you see real fashion designers playing with.

€It may be very interesting to have a model photographed with very thin clothing for something that Stephanie does, but I don't think it will matter very much. The initial image of a woman so completely out of scale is what gets the attention. Maybe such details will be important, but for now I'm happy with the work we see..

€hmmmm. I'm going to beg to differ Sara. I went to the trouble of printing out a few of the giantess collages and , while they work very well on a webpage, the attention to detail isn't great enough to make artwork that you hang somewhere and look at all of the time.

I'm not knocking Stephanie's work as I think it is the best out there. I just wish she had posed models and more "context" to the work. I think that small details like clothes that hang at the appropriate scale would be subtle additions that would turn interesting pieces into art.

€I would rather argue about what goes into writing rather than how much Stephanie would have to work to get believable clothing.

In my mind the writing can be much more detailed than the artwork - or at least it can provide cues to let the imagination run. Perhaps we need to specify clothing types a bit more?

€i have a ribbed top that is about 1/8" thick except for the ribs which are twice that thickness. in a lilliputian world the ribs wouldn't even show up. to have the effect you would want to leave them at their normal size.

what i'm saying is that some clothes would be very cool if left at normal size and others would be great if you did them super thin.